XXIII Estonian Folk Music Arrangements Festival14–15th of July 2023, at Mooste Manor​ in Põlva county

We invite you to take part of the Estonian Folk Music Arrangements Festival at Mooste Manor in Põlva county. Festival is open for the professional musicians as well as for the amateurs. The purpose of this festival is to re-use folk-music in a nowadays context. The Estonian Folk Music Industry Festival will revive the country’s folk music through a range of modern musical projects. The vocal and instrumental talents of performers (as well as their imagination and technical skills) will be put to the test in a competitive concert. The event is designed to promote and foster Estonian folk music as a part of the musical culture of the country, creating ties between old and new that never let us forget our roots.

Compulsory song

Information about the compulsory song of the competitive concert can be found here.

Contact for additional information: toimkond@moostefolk.ee